“The demand for quality, trained RPA developers is on the rise as organizations seek to architect enterprise transformation through process automation and a digital workforce,”. With these transformations, and others to come, the market aims to bring thousands of RPA developers who will usher in the next generation of process automation with several RPA tools and technologies emerging in the market.

As the RPA market booms, enterprises that are considering adopting RPA solutions are faced with options and solutions issues with respect to work force and talent availability. Techeva Training programs provides a framework for fully certified training solutions to assist our client organizations, channel partners/alliances and technology professionals in gaining rapid and effective expertise in several RPA tools and technologies.

Each of the RPA platforms has their own approach to getting developers, architects, project managers and business leaders trained.

Techeva Training in Blue Prism RPA.

  • Program ensures experience and training content meets the defined standards.
  • We work on project enabled, hands-on platform training. The program works with live training plus ongoing support. In addition, it ensures experience of Blue Prism in multiple sectors and operational functions.
  • While core training is about becoming a developer, the advanced training focuses on job-ready first as an RPA Developer and then as an RPA Architect. This is where the focus is on deep training in live environments – online, onsite at our RPA training locations or onsite at your location – covering technical training and real-life case studies.
  • These “real-life” case studies are in key business sectors e.g. Banking, Insurance, Medical, etc. and business functions e.g. F&A, HR, IT operations etc.

Techeva Training in Uipath RPA.

  • Program focus is on creating automated projects in UiPath studio.
  • Training enables creating live workflows using diagrams and flowcharts.
  • Automation of ERP, Mainframe and terminal applications
  • Application of automation in domains like Finance, BPO, KPO, Insurance etc.

Techeva Advanced Training Solutions offered include the following

  • Conduct Automation Readiness Assessments
  • Development of end-to-end of Enterprise Automation Roadmaps
  • Define RPA governance frameworks
  • Automation tool assessment, selection, and deployment
  • Selling business benefits of RPA through bespoke business case development