Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Four Dimensions to Consider When Developing a Digital Transformation Strategy


AI, Analytics
Cloud, lot Platform, lot Edge
Smart Devices
Additive Manufacturing
Augmented Reality


Business Processes


Organizational Forms
Change Management


Operate & Maintain
Supply Chain & Logistics
Connected Things
Design & Construct
Business & Ecosystem

Techeva Consulting provides digital transformation, technology and engineering services. We offer innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of  cloud, digital platforms.

Digital needs to be in every part of the organization to make its effect truly felt. Digital demands continuous disruption in the way you think, the way you work, and the way you engage with customers and within your value network.

Customer Experience (CX)

The Customer Experience (CX) Proposition and Suite of Offerings allows our clients to transform their relationships with their customers and create experiences which provide rapid and sustainable value, both for their end-customer and their own organization.

Customer Experience (CX)

Mobile User experience and design

Mobile usage plays a significant role in our private, professional, and social lives, the implication of Mobile User Experience for an efficient Digital Service cannot be overstated. To keep end users happy, companies and organizations must deliver the right service at the right time, in a reliable and secured way.

Our key rules for creating successful mobile user engagement

Involve the real experts in design

the end users Do so by using specific design services, methodologies, and frameworks throughout the project

Focus on the details

simplicity and small details truly matter Manage consistency with the other channels

Link to the required information and systems

no digital interface, however well designed, will succeed if it’s not tightly integrated with back-office systems.

You can rely on us to deliver: End-to-end mobile strategy and services to optimize your end-user experience and maximize business value We use Agile methodology to implement innovative, UX-centered mobility projects Industrialized processes, including rapid prototyping and testing, to minimize costly risk

Mobile User experience and design

AI has become a powerful weapon to drive loyalty, increase growth and improve efficiency It can improve the quality of life for the individual customer and employee, while creating a wealth of new opportunities for businesses to increase their operational efficiency, grow sales and loyalty, improve and speed up decision-making and become more relevant and innovative in the development and delivery of products and services.

predictive services for customer engagement

You can rely on us to deliver: End-to-end mobile strategy and services to optimize your end-user experience and maximize business value We use Agile methodology to implement innovative, UX-centered mobility projects Industrialized processes, including rapid prototyping and testing, to minimize costly risk

AI for Immersive Customer Experience

We believe that the impact of AI on customer experience is being significantly felt in two ways: New ways of interacting, such as conversational interfaces. Performance improvement of existing methods, such as employee intelligence augmentation, better analysis of data that customers provide and/or greater personalization through better understanding and better anticipation. Identifying and choosing the right use cases to deliver business value in a particular domain is essential for seizing new AI opportunities, and therefore we’ve identified four interconnected application domains to enable the deployment and humanization of customer experiences: Customer Understanding, Customer Engagement Augmentation, Conversational Interfaces, and Immersive Experience.

All Channel Experience

Gone are the days of the single-channel shopping experience. Consumers want innovative products and a seamless experience across all channels. Optimizing this experience starts with the technologies and processes that enable ongoing innovation.

Digital Shopper Relevancy report shows that shoppers expect all retail channels to be aligned. Yet more than half of shoppers say most retailers don’t currently provide a consistent experience across channels. They expect to find information when they want it and how they want it; whether in the store, online or on a smartphone.

To stay ahead, you need to engage customers at every stage of their shopping journey with consistent interactions and offerings. Our All-Channel Experience helps you do just that.

“Technology is altering the way people shop. By providing a seamless experience wherever and whenever your customers engage with you, you can improve customer retention.”

By bringing innovative products to market faster and more successfully, we can help you build greater customer intimacy and loyalty.

Our solutions aimed at supporting this include:

  • All-Channel Experience
  • Consumer Engagement and Experience
  • Innovation Management
  • Social Media Management

We work with you to accelerate your capacity for innovation by:

  • Enhancing the technologies necessary to better gauge consumer patterns
  • Improving processes to respond to these evolutions

Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services








With digital engineering, organizations can reduce time to market, minimize design changes, and lessen manufacturing planning time. With digital manufacturing, production throughput is increased, and overall production costs are reduced. The goal is a better stakeholder experience for product and business success.

Exponential technology changes such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Pervasive Intelligence, “software defined,” and the physical and digital integration have shifted expectations regarding product functionality. Today, the way products and the services around them are designed, manufactured, and consumed is driving the evolution of business models and redefining value chains.

Engineering Analytics

Harness your operational technologies to enhance market responsiveness, optimize supply-chain, service channels, and achieve unprecedented improvements in Asset, Operations, Labor and Energy productivity.

Framework for Engineering Analytics
Our services encompass the entire spectrum of product design, manufacturing, supply-chain and sustenance engineering to optimize globally dispersed operations. Our “Data Value Chain” framework is customized for your industry and facilitates involved data interactions to solve right problems, qualify opportunities and deliver business-impacting solutions.

Our Key Offerings

Engage with us in building your operational data lake that is capable of reconciling 

and integrating data from a range of operational technology platforms for right-time interpretation to become a truly predictable enterprise.

Accelerate your data transformation journey with our vendor-agnostic Big data technologies powered by Machine learning abilities

Let your operational staff collaborate with our multi-functional experts for development of data driven and hybrid models of your key assets and engineering  workflows to generate dynamic process simulations.

Customize our rich, real-time and low-latency visualization toolkits for analytics advisories, dashboards and metrics.

Robotics as a Service

Robots are fully part of Industry 4.0: they are able to manufacture, assemble, pick and place
But did you know that collaborative robots can raise industrial performance, accelerate test and control procedures, secure the work environment and reduce non-added value tasks of human operators? Did you know that robots can bring services? Products and plants are smart today and going to be smarter tomorrow.

The industrial world is changing as fast as digital technologies are evolving. Based on its deep knowledge of clients’ needs from Engineering to manufacturing and its expertise in robotics.

Techeva Consulting is able to provide “Robotics as a Service” for new domains of industry processes. Robots are not only assembling, but they can also collaborate, react, move, touch, repeat. Collaborative robots are smart, on top of being lightweight, robust and costs effective.

Customer’s Benefits:

  • Support to easily program and monitor
  • Increase robots flexibility and dexterity
  • Help to reach a state where the robot is working reliably and bringing value
  • Optimize the use of your system
  • Free your operators for added value tasks
  • Reinforce Digital transformation approach