Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Business processes are using Smart machines to reinvent how work is done. Reimagining business processes has a significant untapped potential using as self improving algorithms, programs and other tools that can Scan, Sense, Recognize, Take action and learn while all this happening in real time.

“ServiceNow and Oxford Economics study of 500 CIOs demonstrates that spending on machine learning is expected to double from 2020 to 2022 and will reach 71% adoption by 2021. The adoption will spur an increase in expenditure on AI and machine learning to almost $52 billion (2021)”

This transformation of process reinvention is delivering infinitely productive results, across verticals, economy and industries globally. This shift in effort will enable new systems, technology, roles, governance, for humans and machines to work in a transformed way.
At Techeva, we work on innovative ideas and prototype bespoke systems with active research on machine learning, including deep learning and complex algorithms. We are in the process of developing intelligent systems that recognize people by name, identify wearables, predict customer behavior and extract meaningful insights from business data. We apply machine learning to real business problems and our experience enable us to quickly and efficiently implement a wide variety of custom machine learning projects.
Techeva solutions and services in AI and Machine Learning  include

Analyzing Systems, data processes architecture or algorithms to identify inefficiencies and offer solutions in streamlining and automating business functions using AI/Machine learning techniques.

Our team consists of machine learning experts and data scientists for solving the most complex challenges and turn them into practical algorithms using machine learning, data science and statistics tools.

We are working with global clients in solving unstructured data inefficiencies and providing information streamlining. A few of them are - customer insights, data mining, image processing, task automation, text analysis and ad targeting.

For Intelligent machines to automatically learn and improve from experience, it is essential to develop sophisticated algorithms. We help companies to create smart systems to leverage smarter algorithms that can iteratively learn from existing data and reveal hidden insights without being programmed explicitly.
Emulate the mechanics of the human brain to analyze data and create patterns to make critical decisions. Our purpose-built deep learning portfolio covers multi-layered artificial neural networking for developing advanced facial and object recognition systems, home automation solutions, AI-powered chatbots, and process automation solutions to redefine your businesses.
We help businesses bring the power of natural language processing through deep learning algorithms to mine data both structured and unstructured and provide actionable insight. This includes text classification, speech recognition, document summarization, machine translation, spam filtering, Q&A, among others.
Predictive analytics unlock patterns that define the next stage of ‘what’s next’ in business decisions but building the right model for your business can be often daunting. We help organizations implement efficiency, reduce time to value and improve end-user satisfaction by building the best predictive model for their unique data sets. We adopt an iterative approach to generate the best model that lends itself to the defined business objective.
The increasing population and need for heightened security measures make it important to create impactful facial and image recognition solutions. Factors such as the speed of recognition systems, accuracy and scaling are considered while developing such applications. Our services cover facial recognition R&D to its full-scale deployment including the development of proof of concepts, prototype creation, application development and pilot testing.

The Key takeaways in the programs would be

  • A practical grounding in artificial intelligence (AI) and its business applications, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence needed to help transform an organization into an innovative, efficient, and sustainable company of the future.
  • The ability to lead informed, strategic decision making and augment business performance by integrating key AI management and leadership insights into the way your organization operates.
  • Recognition of your understanding of AI in the form of a certificate of completion

Tools used as part of the program

  • Python
  • R programming