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We are Technology Agnostic Solution Provider based at Bangalore, India, founded by a Tech enterprenuer with multi faceted experience having worked with Fortune 100 clients covering various Technology disciplines cutting across different Industry verticals.

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Data Analytics

In a world where change happens in a split second, organizations of today and tomorrow must master the art of balancing business transformation with operational excellence...

Digital Transformation

Techeva Consulting provides digital transformation, technology and engineering services. We offer innovation to address the entire breadth of clients...

Artificial Intelligence

Business processes are using Smart machines to reinvent how work is done. Reimagining business processes has a significant untapped potential using as self improving algorithms, programs...

  • The key to success lies with trusted AI solutions infused in all business operations at scale, powered by data activated at the core of the organization, its processes, and its culture.
  • At Techeva consulting we use Machine Learning techniques to help solve the business needs. We use various Big Data Programming models like MapReduce, Open Source Technologies like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Hbase and APache Flink
  • For Intelligent machines to automatically learn and improve from experience, it is essential to develop sophisticated algorithms. We help companies to create smart systems to leverage smarter algorithms that can iteratively learn from existing data and reveal hidden insights without being programmed explicitly.

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